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  • ‘Taking-Over’ in the FIDIC Red Book 1999: Common Problems

    Disputes in respect of taking-over are not unusual in economically challenging environments. Employers may be in no hurry to take responsibility for the finished project, release retention monies and/or relinquish entitlement to delay damages. Contractors

  • FIDIC Dispute Board Decisions: Late for a Very Important Date?

    A FIDIC dispute board has just 84 days to give a decision, which is not very long. What happens when a FIDIC dispute board (DAB or DAAB) fails to deliver its decision on time and

  • FIDIC Green Book 2021 – Short and Simple?

    As one of the drafters of the Green Book 1999, the author of this article is biased in favour of the Green Book 2021. Despite that, it seems a pity that the Green Book 2021

  • FIDIC 1999 Books – Commentary on Clause 10

    Summary Clause 10 deals with the Taking-Over of the Works, Sections, or parts of the Works. Sub-Clause 10.1 deals with the Taking-Over of the Works and Sections. Taking-Over by the Employer happens when the Works

  • FIDIC 1999 books – Commentary on Clause 20

    Summary Clause 20 deals with claims, disputes and arbitration. Sub-Clause 20.1 deals with the Contractor’s claims. The Contractor must give notice wherever it considers itself entitled to additional time and money within 28 days. The

  • As simple as it seems? – an analysis of the prolongation costs clause in the FIDIC Green Book 2021

    This article reflects on the introduction of an automatic contractual mechanism for calculating prolongation costs into the Green Book 2021 and will consider whether it will remove the expense of experts and lawyers from the

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