FIDIC contracts—introduction to the FIDIC Green Book 2021

This Practice Note is an introduction to the FIDIC Green Book 2021 (the Short Form of Contract). It is not a fully detailed clause-by-clause commentary. This article was first published by LexisPSL

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Clause 2 – The Employer

Clause 2 now has 6 sub-clauses: Employer’s claims has been removed to clause 20; and new provisions 2.5 [Site Data and Items of Reference] and 2.6 [Employer-Supplied Materials and Employer’s Equipment] have been added. The obligations to provide possession, access and assistance with permits etc. are essentially the same, as are the consequences of failure to do so. The main change to clause 2.4 [Employer’s Financial Arrangements] is that the Employer now sets out his arrangements in the Contract Data; and the Contractor can only request evidence of ability to pay if those arrangements change, there is non-payment or there are variations in excess of 30% or a single variation over 10%.

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